Certified insole

Python and RondOm Podotherapists (https://rondompodotherapeuten.nl/) make working healthier and safer with customised certified insoles.

Why this collaboration?

  • The CE standard regarding custom insoles in safety shoes has been amended. According to this standard, safety shoes worn with a custom insole that was not prescribed by the supplier will no longer be certified safety shoes.
  • RondOm can supply arch supports that guarantee the safety shoes remain certified as such. Thus ensuring you comply with European laws and regulations.
  • RondOm supplies arch supports, or rather, podiatric insoles. These are removable insoles that you insert in your safety shoes. They replace the standard footbed insole in your shoes.
  • Arch supports are widely used in podiatry practice because their use can reduce pain significantly in your feet, knees, legs, hips and lower back.
  • RondOm has more than 220 locations with (foot) care professionals in the Netherlands.

Visit https://rondompodotherapeuten.nl/ for more information.


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