New: Python Fresh

In collaboration with Inuteq, Python Safety has developed a new shoe: the Python Fresh! The first cooled safety shoe in the world!

The Python Fresh is a shoe with a patented DRY Cooling Tongue, and was designed based on the INUTEQ-DRY® patented cooling technology. The shoe is comfortable and lightweight. This product specifically helps reduce heat stress, fatigue, and hot and sweaty feet, and provides a pleasant cooling effect, which can contribute to better performance. Thanks to the unique technology, this product will not get wet and/or drenched, which makes it suitable for wearing directly on the skin. View the models in the Python Fresh collection here.

The amount of air flow on the product determines the cooling effect and the cooling duration. This cooling product is not suitable for situations where the user is required to wear protective / airtight clothing. In addition, the shoes should not be used as a tool!

The Python Fresh shoes were tested by testing agency INSIDE CLIMATE GmbH. You can access the test report. Employees of various companies have used shoes with the DRY Cooling Tongue for a year to experience the cooling tongue. Read about the experience of an employee at Hessing B.V. and the experience of an employee at Gebr. van Gageldonk.


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