Fresh 1.0

€ 125,00 (excl. tax)

Healthier, less sweaty feet in your work shoes thanks to just one 2-minute action every 3 days!

Python Fresh 1.0 is one of the models in the series of cooled safety shoes. This high-top model in S3 safety class is made of black leather. What makes this safety shoe so unique is that the tongue of the shoe cools the foot and has been proven effective against foot perspiration! As it happens, this shoe has a cooling tongue that cools the foot to 15 degrees below the ambient temperature (tested by INSIDE CLIMATE GmbH). You activate the tongue by filling it with 20 ml water (syringe included). This activation lasts for 1 to 3 days.
The skin on the instep of the foot is thin with many veins; the ideal spot for cooling the foot and therefore ideal for clients who suffer from hot and swollen feet and from sweaty shoes.

The Python Fresh series is the new standard in comfort and safety. The models in this series offer the protection you expect from a safety shoe. For optimal comfort, these shoes have an insole of soft, cushioning memory foam and are lined with breathable mesh.

StandardS3-SRC-60 minutes water repellent
UpperBlack leather with blue stitches
LiningGrey breathable 3D-mesh (3D-mesh makes the shoes breathable. The fabric is strong, absorbs moist and dries very quick which gives you maximum comfort).
Cooling tongueAntibacterial cooling tongue by Inuteq. Cools up to 15º C below the external temperature. Provides less perspiration and is antibacterial. The syringe, with which you fill the tongue with water, is supplied free of charge with the shoes. The cooling tongue is attached to the shoe in such a way that no dirt can penetrate the shoe.
InsoleRemovable ergonomic insole with memory foam (memory foam is material that forms to your foot and slowly returns to its original form after being pressed).
OutsoleDual Density, PU/TPU, slip-resistant and shock absorbing in the heel area.
Sizes39 t/m 47
MidsoleAnti-perforation made of flexible Kevlar.
Safety toecapSteel


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