Python is our proprietary brand, which we launched on 1 May 2001. Since we develop this brand ourselves, we are able to respond quickly to changes in the market and produce trendy and casual shoes that meet the requirements of the S1P and S3 safety classes. Of course, comfort and safety are key aspects of our product design. Working conditions play an increasingly important role in the world of business. Safety shoes are an essential component of that. With our years of experience in this field, we understand the importance of this equipment.

Our Python products are flexible, comfortable and offer the best possible protection. This lets us combine comfort with safety.

Making optimal use of our extensive knowledge, we were able to introduce the world's first cooled safety shoes in 2020: the Python Fresh. This shoe was specifically developed for people who suffer from hot and swollen feet and/or sweaty feet. The cooling technique in these shoes has been tested and is demonstrably effective against perspiration of the wearer's feet.

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PS5511 - R

Python Legend Black low PS5511


Python Legend Sand PS5500

Sky R

Sky Blue High PS5200

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