The brand Q1905 (www.q1905.com) is typically Dutch, independent and originally established in 1905 under the name “Quick.” We cherish the brand's rich history and translate this into our modern safety shoes.

Quick, or Q1905 as it is now known, is a fashion brand that offers casual and sport fashion. We are proud to develop and produce a sportive range of safety shoes as personal protective equipment for this brand. We have translated Q1905's modern and characteristic design into our range of safety shoes in safety classes S1P and S3.

Our Q1905 safety shoes are almost indistinguishable from casual or sports shoes, yet they offer all functionalities and meet every legal safety requirement you expect from a safety shoe.

QS0561 r

Sprint Dark QS0561


Sprint Dark QS0562

QS0550 r

Sprint Grey QS0550


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