Sport Blue QS0920

€ 89,00 (excl. tax)

The Quick Sport blue is one of the models on our range of Quick safety shoes. This low model is suitable for safety class S3. The model offers the protection you expect from a safety shoe.

With its unique design, the Quick Sport is virtually indistinguishable from regular sports shoes. The shoes, which are made from leather, suede and mesh, are flexible and comfortable and offer the best possible protection. The result is a perfect combination of safety and sportiness.

StandardS3 / SRC
UpperSuede + leather
Inner liningMesh
InsoleMade of synthetic foam (EVA) made up of thousands of air bubbles, so light, flexible and shock absorbing
OutsolePU + PU
Sizes37 t/m 47
MidsoleFlexible Kevlar
Safety toecapSteel toecap


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